IVF treatment cycle involves regular interactions and coordination between all the people like clinician, embryologist, nursing staff, admin manager, front office staff and stock keeper and an eye for detail is very important for effective patient management and reporting.Sadguru Information Systems brings you ARTis™ (Assisted Reproductive Technologies Information System) – a unique and futuristic web based solution that addresses the needs for clinical, administrative and patient support service of your IVF centre. Our solution springs out of a thorough understanding of the IVF process and managing IVF centers. The simple and effective solution is a result of the collaborative effort of proven and highly experienced IT professionals and IVF specialists, which include renowned doctors and embryologists who have a collective experience of over 30 years.


Some of the IVF centres are not full fledged in terms of the service portfolio and hence may not need all the advanced features of ARTis. We have designed ARTis LITE suite such smaller centres with limited operations. ARTis LITE excludes certain advanced features from ARTis and are made more affordable to upcoming and smaller centers. ARTis LITE can be easily upgraded to ARTis whenever the centres decides to go for it.


ARTis Witness is designed to help IVF centres ensure 100% match of Gametes to the patients concerned. ARTis Witness uses latest technologies to offer best in class solution that is safe and fully secure. IVF treatment is complex and needs an extremely controlled environment. In an IVF lab the gametes go through a number of steps and need to be thoroughly validated at each movement. With out a system like ARTis Witness, centres use double verification method, where more than 2 or more lab users are involved in validation of the gamete verification and matching. However this is still prone to error. ARTis Witness provides a fool proof solution and eliminates anxiety and provides much needed comfort to the couples undergoing treatment.


ARTis PGD is evangelized and developed in coordination with the leading genetic testing service provider, with an objective to connect participating IVF centre seamlessly. With the simple setup PGD / PGS service provider can connect to the registered IVF centres and collect the samples and update the result back online cutting down the processing timelines. PGD service provider can have a consolidated view of the various samples in the connected environment wild participating Centre can submit and receive reports with ease.


ARTis CRYO is designed and developed as an add-on solution on ARTis to help optimise the Gamete freezing process. Gamete freezing is extremely important aspect of IVF practice and can become very complicated and go out of control if not handled properly. tracking and maintaining the Gametes, tracking of the expiry dates if not done properly can lead to financial losses. Based on the patient consent, if renewal or cancellation of freezing is not done properly, the reconciliation can be extremely painful and lead to legal and regulatory issues. ARTis Cryo has solution to all these problems.

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