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ARTis is among the best of ART Treatment software products across the globe. It helps track the complete treatment including the medical history, high level synopsis, progress of treatment, pharmacy allocation, investigations and procedures and the various treatments that the patient is likely to go during the course of the treatments.
Additionally, being a product on a secured cloud, this enables the medical director/clinicians to provide treatment even remotely when needed. This helps the centres scale into multiple clinics with the coverage of specialist clinicians remotely.

Treatment overview

With ARTis™, you can gain a quick snapshot of all the ongoing cycles at your centre.
Helps in effective scheduling and co-ordination.

Manage remotely

ARTis™ is web-based. Even if you are not physically present in the centre or when another doctor is monitoring the stimulation, the calendar and the patient file can be accessed remotely from anywhere for effective decision making and advice.

Couple case file

Patient & couple-centric case file. Simply search on the name to get the couple case summary and all their medical details.

Effective discharge summary

Whether it is an IUI or IVF cycle or any form of treatment, creating a discharge summary and reports for the patient is speedy and comprehensive.

Statistical reports

Choose from a combination of reports – weekly, monthly or yearly – on pregnancy rates, blastocyst rates, patient demographics and protocol profiling.

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