Manage IVF cycles

ARTis offers solutions to fertility specialist nurses and helps in IVF cycle management with it’s in built controls. Nurses will be able to review the progress of the treatments via the alerts and reminders and also be able to communicate well with the stakeholders thereby effectively boosting the morale of all the stakeholders especially the patients.

Manage IVF cycles with ease

ARTis™ eases the co-ordination between cycles thereby helping the nursing staff manage time effectively.

Stay updated on every cycle

ARTis™ has an in-built mechanism to send alerts and reminders on specific stages of patient’s cycle. This will help nurses to monitor better and schedule procedures appropriately.

Communicate effectively

ARTis™ enables professional and efficient communication and reporting to the patient. Enables a simple click function for email and sms alerts to the patients. Also enables seamless inter team co-ordination between the clinician, embryologist and the nursing staff.

Save time

With simple processes for patient record entries, time is saved for the nursing staff to focus on the core activity. With features that allow sharing of calendars and treatment schedules there is a robust online communication mechanism with the patients, that results in prompt event scheduling. This eliminates unnecessary hospital visits for the patients.

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