IVF Lab Management

ARTis is very rich in its IVF lab management features. It takes care of entire tracking of the treatment cycles, Embryology worksheets, Quality control, Metrics and progress tracking. IVF centre can effectively record and track the embryo culture process, effective recording of the consumables and day wise oocyte growth. Embryologists or Clinical staff will have a provision to record the pregnancy outcome and success rates to generate high quality and reliable analytic reports. Such details are directly pulled out into standard reports to be uploaded to the statutory bodies depending on the country of operations.

Strengthen inter-team coordination

ARTis™ fulfills the role of a seamless communication channel between clinician, embryologist and the nursing staff.

Achieve better quality

With ARTis™, the embryologists can ensure superior documentation and thereby highest levels of quality assurance. End-to-end recording and reporting of the embryo culture process, effective recording of the consumables used for IVF/ICSI, semen processing and vitrification reports, all ensure highest quality standards.

E-documentation and worksheets

With ARTis™,the embryologists are spared the tedious task of going through reams of paper based records. Instead, they sift through volumes of patient records with utmost ease.

Single click audit and statistical reports

Now, embryologists can define and publish an array of statistical reports…all with a click. They can just key in the relevant variable and publish the desired report for interpretation of results.

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