IVF Practice Management

ARTis offers great help in IVF practice management as it offers solution to all the key processes that are related to running an IVF specialty clinic or hospital. It helps in measuring various financials metrics that help taking corrective actions. It enables the centre manager to focus on the optimization across the various activities and improve profitability.

Better information management

ARTis™ has the best conceivable analytics and reporting for an IVF centre. With robust analytics, ARTis™ enables efficient and simple management information system on – daily, monthly or yearly basis. Also, it is quick in generating revenue reports across quarters there by help in the IVF practice management.

Save big on personnel costs

With automated regulatory and statutory reporting, ARTis™ helps you achieve huge cost savings on personnel.

Get revenues against your parameters

As a growth focused IVF centre, you would want to analyse revenues by different parameters. ARTis™ generates revenue records by procedures, treatments, pharmacy sales, investigations and other criteria.

Compare cost per cycle

ARTis™ is particularly helpful if you are looking at reporting on average and specific costing for each cycle with breakdown of media and consumables, drugs, personnel fees etc. for effective cost optimization.

Access remotely

Now, with 24/7 access to all the required information, where you work from wouldn’t matter. Oversee operations of your IVF centre from any remote location.

Achieve process excellence

ARTis™ is a unique software that helps the IVF centre streamline processes. Also, with seamless integration of multiple features, ARTis™ smoothens inter-departmental functioning.

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