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IVF treatment is a complex journey for couples and is performed in an extremely controlled environment. Gametes (oocytes and semen) collected from couples undergoing IVF treatment are transferred to various types of dishes. The gametes go through a number of steps during the course of the treatment. Their identity needs to be thoroughly validated at each movement, mixing or transfer event. Any manual error in these movements, or events can lead to undesirable consequences. Needless to say, the implications can be disastrous leading to complicated situations and potential legal damages. This is the reason why a 100% error protection is required for any IVF Clinic.

Couples undergoing IVF treatment are anxious and have apprehensions on the possible errors around the gamete mixing and transfer events. IVF clinics having no automatic systems, use the double verification method, where more than one lab personnel is involved in the gamete verification process. However this is still a manual process which is prone to errors.

ARTis Witness uses advanced technologies that ensure that the gamete movements, mixing and transfer events and the related patients are always matched during the course of an IVF treatment and hence offers 100 % protection from errors. Clinics using ARTis Witness can help couples become less concerned about these apprehensions, thereby improving their overall satisfaction levels.

  • 100% Error Protection

  • Flexible to
    Clinic-Specific Protocols

  • Increased Patient

  • Simple to Use

  • Advanced Technology

  • Cloud-Based Solution

  • Differentiator
    for Clinics

  • Cost-Effective

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