IVF Witnessing

Gametes collected from couples undergoing IVF treatment are transferred to various types of dishes and go through a number of steps during the course of the treatment. Their identity needs to be thoroughly validated at each movement, mixing or transfer event. Any manual error in these movements, or events can lead to undesirable consequences. Needless to say, the implications can be disastrous leading to complicated situations and potential legal damages. This is the reason why a 100% error protection is required for any IVF Clinic.

ARTis Witness uses advanced technologies that ensure the gamete movements, mixing and transfer events and the related patients are always matched during the course of an IVF treatment and hence offers 100 % protection from errors. Clinics using ARTis Witness can help couples become less concerned about these apprehensions, thereby improving their overall satisfaction levels.

ARTis Witness - Workflow

Advanced Technology

Proven and advanced technologies such as Blue tooth and QR code techniques are used to identify and match the gametes with the patients. These technologies offer a fully reliable solution.

100% Error Protection

ARTis Witness ensures complete protection from manual errors. ARTis Witness is configurable and helps Clinics to continue to stick to their protocols. It helps drastically reduce the manual interventions for checking and finally provides a means to track the matching at every stage of the treatment

Patient Satisfaction

ARTis witness system reduces the anxiety levels in patients. A final compliance report from ARTis Witness would act as a boon to patient satisfaction. Clinics can expect high degree of advocacy from the patients who go through IVF centres having witness systems.

Auto-matching of Gametes to Patients

ARTis Witness ensures auto-matching of Gametes with related patients with it's advanced RFID and Blue tooth technology. Patients having RFID tags are automatically matched when they go through procedures.

Huge Differentiator

Clinics that offer high degree of transparency would need to go for ARTis witness system. Advanced IVF clinics having a systemic witnessing process would naturally help attract more patients to their clinics.

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