ARTis PGD is evangelized and developed in coordination with the leading genetic testing service provider, with an objective to connect participating IVF centre seamlessly. With the simple setup PGD/PGS service provider can connect to the registered IVF centres and collect the samples and update the result back online cutting down the processing timelines. PGD service provider can have a consolidated view of the various samples in the connected environment wild participating Centre can submit and receive reports with ease.

Easy Setup of IVF centers

ARTis PGD involves very simple initiail setup. Participating ARTis clients can be integrated with little effort.

Reduces processing time

Genetics service providers and the participating IVF centres can drastically reduce the turn around time as the reports can be updated at one end accessed by the participating centres.

Fully Integrated with ARTis IVF

ARTis PGD is fully integrated with ARTis. All clinics who are using ARTis can be directly access by the Genetics Service provider and help establish a long term association with them.

Consolidated view for service providers

Service provider can have a consolidated view of the clinics sending samples for investigations. They can have a view into the statistics and trands of the tests.

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