ARTis Lite Overview

IVF centres that are not full fledged in terms of the service portfolio may not need all the advanced features of ARTis. We have designed ARTis Lite to suite such smaller centres with limited but all the nesessary operations. ARTis Lite excludes certain advanced features and are made affordable to upcoming and smaller centers. ARTis Lite can be easily upgraded to ARTis whenever the centres decides to go for it.

Couple Casefiles

One of the key aspect of ARTis is its case file which integrates all the treatment journey of the couple going through fertility treatments. Casefile links the Patient, Partner and the Donors if involved in the treatment.


ARTis provides the ability to schedule and track appointments for the doctors. Related MIS helps track the trends and the cancellations reasons if any

Image uploading

ARTis enables the users to be able to upload images in various reports, history and embryological metrics and impages pertaining to procedures. It also helps capture the Patient profiles, Dotor profiles for better user experience.

Preconfigured Treatment Packages

ARTis provides 200+ preconfigured templates for various treatments, procedures and investigations. IVF clinics can just start using or make necesary modifications as per their specific protocols in a simple to use process.

Integrated Billing

Financial integrity is a key factor for your operations team. ARTis ensures extremely tight financial controls. Bills are fully integrated and are created based on various service allocations.

Discharge Summary

ARTis helps generate discharge summary systemically and captures the relevant information provided by the Clinicians, thereby helping the patient to be able to get first hand informtion on the post Operative instructions and medication.

History Tracking

Medical history plays a key role in the treatment journey. Male and Female history once tracked is available for the Clinicians at their finger tips and will help refer to it as and whn required. ARTis comes with global standard history templates for you to use.

Treatment Progress Tracker

Fertility treatments typically go on for a longer timeframes. Having a clear picture of the treatment journey will help both the clinic staff and the patient to visualize the progress. ARTis helps to view the entire journy in a single view.

Reports and Analytics

ARTis comes with a number of reports under diffeent categories. Report access can be controlled and given to people based on their profile. As a best practice, clinics can provide access to it's staff 'Need to know basis'

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