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Cryo Preservations are growing rapidly hence gamete freezing becomes an extremely important aspect of IVF practice and can become very complicated and go out of control if not handled properly. tracking and maintaining the Gametes, tracking of the expiry dates if not done properly can lead to financial losses.

Based on the patient consent, if renewal or cancellation of freezing is not done properly, the reconciliation can be extremely painful and lead to legal and regulatory issues.

ARTis Cryo has solution to all these problems. Implement ARTis Cryo and be on top of your Fertility Cryo preservation services.

Cryo Preservation - Workflow

ARTis Cryo Features

Package allocation per patient needs

Lab user can assign most suited package to the Patient going for freezing gametes. Lab users then update the details of the storage location and update the reports.

Pre configured freezing packages

ARTis Cryo comes with standard pre-configured packages and the related reports. Clinics can straight away uses these packages or customize to their specific needs

Integrated billing

Bills get created based on the allocation of packages and hence is tightly integrated. MIS reports help track the Payment dues if any

Track renewals and prevent financial loss

At the time of allocation renewal date is automatically recorded and alerts send on the expiry date.This helps reduce the potential loss due to delays or misses in renewals.

Systemic storage tank search

Searching of available space in the storage tanks is made easy as the system provides an easy access to occupancy and avaialability of storage tank.

Quick gamete summary

Clinicians and Embryologists can view the details of the Gametes with ease. They can scan through the gametes and review based on number of parameters and select most suited ones for the fertilization or transfer

Optimization of the storage tanks

Utilization and optimization of storage tanks is made simple with ARTis Cryo. With its intelligent reporting, IVF lab users can easily monitor and identify most suited and optimal storage space for the next allocation

Freezing details capture at embryo level

Embryologist can capture the details of freezing at embryo or oocyte or semen sample level. This helps in selction process.

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